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A turn-key online marketplace for online sales, marketing & instant delivery
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An A-Z solution across…

Three major sectors

Anything from a resturant menu to multi department store

Take orders and prepare them for delivery with less friction than an in-store customer

Real-time logistics to deliver products fast and safe

Business processes included

Optimised business processes to ensure the success of your marketplace.

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Over 6 years Experience

AHA was founded in 2011 to meet growing demand for online sales. The company has developed and operated a software platform and logistics system for online sales of products and services with accurate and instant logistics.

We group the current best technologies in a platform which manages online sales for retailers in the same area or shopping center including accurate deliveries to your customers in 60 minutes or less or at an accurate time of their choosing.

The software platform with our business experience is now offered as a white label solution to shopping centers to add online sales to their existing retail stores.

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Why Customers Choose AHA

6 Year Experience

Over the last 6 years AHA has been using Iceland as its first market while developing the platform with very good results

Proven in Market

Accounts in ⅔ households in Reykjavik buying from over 700 different merchants, restaurants, stores and service providers.

Process Focused

Strong focus on documenting processes and experience with the aim of rapidly implementing elsewhere.

Instant Testing

The company has been operated as a mixed operations & IT company with frequent upgrades and testing on the live market.