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Digital retail, from search to delivery

Turn-key digital marketplace and last-mile logistics platform to grow your brand and customer base.

Expand your brand online

Web, app, in-store and voice adapted to multiple categories

Whitelabel platform requiring minimal technical skills for sellers, ready for web, app, in-store and voice for groceries, restaurant and retail goods.

Our platform is up to date, built on the latest technologies and continuously updated to offer the latest technology and strategies to improve the customer journey and lower cost of the operators.

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The complete journey covered

Aha's platform includes the complete journey from the time the customer has a need to purchase until she is happy with the purchase. Everything in between is solved including pick/pack, multi-modal logistics and customer service through the Aha Moment order management system

Built on 10 years of experience running the software we can guide you through the various pitfalls involved and provide structure and procedures to succeed.

Need / Want

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Pickup / Delivery & Follow-up

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Pick / Pack


10+ years experience

10+ years experience in building a full marketplace in Iceland using our own platform.

10+ years of data and strong understanding of behaviour and forces driving sales.

10+ years of knowledge and understanding of revenue and cost drivers of the business.

Fast time to market for buyers utilising Aha's knowledge and experience on top of the platform.

Why choose Aha

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Proven solution

Accounts in ⅔ households in Reykjavik buying from over 700 different sellers.

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Standard processes

Strong focus on processes with the aim of rapidly implementing elsewhere

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Fast to market

Using aha's pilot market in Iceland we improve the platform every week.


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Maron Kristófersson

Managing Director / Founder

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Bjarki Viðar Garðarson

Head of Growth

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Unnur Magnúsdóttir

COO / Founder

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Jaimini Lakhani


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Ólafur Andri Ragnarsson


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Fred Kempson


Aha gets sustainability award

Aha's drone delivery service recently got the award for the sustainability project of the year from the federation of Icelandic enterprises.

Lined Wireframe Small Landscape Frame handled up to 10 fold demand during Covid-19.

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130x less emmissions from Aha's EV compared to gasoline.

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Galileo | Prosieben visits Aha in Iceland.

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RTL Television visits Aha in Iceland