Maron Kristofersson

Maron Kristofersson

Co-Founder & CEO

Maron has successfully taken part in building and managed multiple companies in hospitality, aquaculture, import and export and e-commerce. His management experience is international from Australia, Croatia and Iceland. Maron has been involved in 2 public listings, first in Iceland when Tal and Islandssimi merged and became publicly listed as OG Vodafone on the Icelandic stock exchange, during that time Maron led the Java development team in what is still the biggest technical merger in Icelandic history.

As CEO of Kali Tuna in Croatia under his management the company went from breakeven in 2008 to 11,4 m USD net profits on a 34M USD turnover in 2011. This was achieved by acquiring 3 other tuna farms and only increasing staff count by 4 persons to a total of 220. The team then listed Kali Tuna in the US through a reverse merger as Umami Sustainable Seafood.

Maron has been programming since he was a child and is an avid follower of new technologies and methods in development.

Maron attended the University of Reykjavik where he studied Computer Science.